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Our Mission

South Bronx Community Charter High School promotes student excellence through an emphasis on academic, personal and professional skills in a supportive and responsive learning environment. SBC students graduate with a positive sense of self, ready to design and realize their futures in college, community and career.

Our Model

With a focus on preparing students for success in college, career, community and life, South Bronx Community Charter High School (SBC) promotes learning by doing. At SBC, our students design solutions to everyday problems. They build community and develop confidence in their roles as young leaders.

SBC Instructional Model

South Bronx Community Charter High School is a competency-based school. We organize all of our teaching and learning around a core set of skills, mindsets and abilities that students must master in order to be graduated. Our students are assessed and advanced based on what they are able to demonstrate. We expect and support all of our students to achieve at high levels.

Our classes are organized into four categories: studios, selectives, targeted support and CORE.

  • Studios: interdisciplinary classes that cover math, science, English Language Arts, and social studies content
  • Selectives: choice-based art, movement, and special interest classes
  • Targeted support: daily tutoring and enrichment classes
  • CORE: advising, group mentoring, and college and career exploration class

*SBC students also participate in brotherhood and sisterhood groups as part of our weekly Rite of Passage program that supports identity develop and positive peer relationships.

How We Address the Needs of All Learners

At SBC, we pay attention to the strengths and needs of each individual student.

  • Our competency-based model supports students with disabilities and English language learners
  • We use a Response To Intervention (RTI) approach that offers a variety of supports to students including assistive technology, access to Learning Coaches, and programmed supports and tutoring
  • We have Special Education staff
  • We emphasize literacy across the curriculum
  • SBC employs bilingual staff

Education at South Bronx Community Charter High School

At SBC, learning is dynamic.  We focus on the process of learning so that students can continue to strive and thrive beyond high school and throughout life.  We focus on a core set of learning targets called competencies and attainments.  

Core Values

empowerment-thumbEMPOWERMENT | Students make important decisions about the direction of their learning and their lives. At EPIC, we listen to our young people and, instead of prescribing paths, we present options, and teach skills pertaining to leadership and choice.
CULTURAL RESPONSIVENESS | Cultural biases in education are rooted out and all students’ senses of place and perspective are reflected in content and pedagogy. At EPIC, instruction connects students to their heritage and expands access points to learning.
personalization-thumbPERSONALIZED AND APPLIED LEARNING | Learning is built upon a sense of self and connects wherever possible to practical experience. At EPIC, all students and staff maintain personal growth plans that engage strengths to surmount challenges and that emphasize application.
CONTINUOUS GROWTH AND DESIGN FOR TRANSFORMATION | Students and staff understand how future ability evolves from present ability and approach learning to improve both the self and the world. At EPIC, we encourage our students to take risks, learn from failure, and design a better future.
INCLUSION AND SERVICE | We embrace the communities already in our students’ lives just as we guide them to forge new ones. At EPIC, honoring who we are is intimately bound up with deciding who we’ll be through acts of service and connection.
COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY | We each exist as unique and powerful learners but we also work together to transform our community and ourselves. At EPIC, our learning community operates on the moral principle of Ubuntu — “I am because we are.”
Recent News

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We successfully completed our 2020-21 school year Admissions Lottery on April 14th! We are in the process of reaching out to all applicants at this time. If you were unable to attend and have not ... See more

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Greetings SBC Community!

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On June 29, 2016 South Bronx Community Charter High School’s Board of Trustees and school leadership team hosted an event for partners and school supporters to celebrate SBC’s upcoming opening. The event provided an opportunity for fellow public education stakeholders to network and to learn more about the ways that SBC intends to innovate teaching and learning and provide its students with the skills and experiences needed for happiness, continuous learning, leadership and success.


Parents of current 8th and 9th graders can apply for admission to South Bronx Community Charter High School. If you are interested in submitting an application to SBC for the 2020-2021 school year, please email our Admissions Team at admissions@southbronxcommunity.org and a team member will reach out to you with next steps.

SBC Lottery


Any eligible application that is submitted is automatically part of South Bronx Community’s admissions lottery – no additional action is needed beyond submission of a complete application. The South Bronx Community Charter High School admissions lottery will take place on April 8. Prospective SBC families and students do not have to attend the admissions lottery since results will not be immediately available, but they are free to attend if they wish.

The lottery is completely random with select preferences built in. Lottery preferences are provided for:

Siblings of current or accepted students

Applicants who reside within the Bronx Community School District (CSD) 7


Anyone applying by April 1st will receive notification of lottery results by mail, email, and/or phone call in mid­ April. If your child is not initially selected via the lottery system for immediate admission to South Bronx Community, he or she will be place on our waitlist. As we attempt to enroll those who were selected, we may need to draw from our waitlist to fill seats left vacant by those who might have moved or had other circumstances that prevent them enrolling in South Bronx Community. Those decisions will be communicated via mail, email, and/or phone call. The full results of the admissions lottery will be available on South Bronx Community’s website in late April. There are two possible outcomes from the lottery – acceptance or placement on the waitlist. No one is rejected for any reason.


If you are granted a seat based on your random lottery number, you will receive information about how to enroll your child. During this process, you will need to confirm or provide key information that will allow South Bronx Community to properly serve you and your child. We will also inform you of any orientations and summer sessions at this time.


If your child is not accepted during the initial lottery (as determined by his or her random lottery number), or if you apply after the April 1st deadline, he or she will be placed on our waitlist. We will provide as much information as possible on the likelihood of your child receiving a seat. We expect that some children will be accepted off the waitlist. We update the wait list regularly and will notify you if your child becomes accepted.

Are you interested in being a founding staff member at an innovative new high school? Apply to South Bronx Community Charter High School today.

Our Team


Harvey Chism

Co-Founder & Executive Director

John Clemente

Co-Founder & Academic Director

Natalie Ferrell

Co-Founder & Youth Development Director


Margaret Martin

Kate Del Priore


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