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SBC’s Continued Support During COVID-19

The health and safety of the entire SBC community is our top priority.  We will continue to follow city and state recommendations regarding remote learning through the end of the school year.  Although SBC’s offices will remain closed until further notice, staff will be available remotely and we urge you to reach out with any questions or concerns.  We are committed to keeping our families informed and will continue to provide updates along the way.  

In response to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, SBC swiftly mobilized our teams to reinvent our school for the cloud. SBC was uniquely prepared for this transition because of our commitment to student technology access and leveraging these tools for augmenting student learning, expanding learning opportunities beyond the school building, collaboration and data collection and analysis.

To read more about SBC’s response highlighting our preparations and how we will remain dedicated to our students, families, and staff, scroll down or click here

Let’s celebrate our achievements over the last 2 months!

  • Our attendance has been 5% higher than the citywide average for high schools during remote learning.
  • ALL of our staff host live online instruction for students daily, which has led to accelerated student mastery of skills. 
  • More than 20% of SBC students earned early promotion in Math and ELA classes before the end of May, meaning they met all course requirements to advance to the next level.
  • Our students continue broadcasting their skills to real audiences – through our College & Career culminating event in April, our College Signing Day event in May, and our students’ Mental Health Project page in June.

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SBC uses technology in innovative ways, including a digital pathway to support our competency-based program and a related data management system through Schoology (a proprietary LMS). SBC provides each student with a netbook computer throughout the school year. These netbooks provide students with essential access to the internet for research and learning, teacher-designed and curated deeper learning experiences, communication tools to enhance collaboration, and a learning management system that tracks student progress in relation to our competency framework. SBC’s digital pathway allows staff to better personalize student learning and share resources with each other. The SBC system integrates our competencies, learning resources, assessments and performance data. 

Our learning framework is currently being maintained at a high level, even while conducting classes remotely. Because all of our coursework hosted through Schoology, our learning management system, many of our assignments have not been changed. Although face to face items such as Kick-Offs and culminating events were adjusted, we are working to ensure their continuity.



March 9th we prepared our technology infrastructure for a remote learning program. Every staff member played a critical role in this preparation. Our distributed leadership and team structures enabled us to take action quickly and efficiently.

March 12th our leadership team, using data from public health experts and in advance of the mayor’s decision to close schools city-wide, made the difficult but necessary decision to call for an early dismissal on March 13th and closure on March 16th. 

*These decisions provided advance notice for parents to make preparations for the following week and for our broader leadership team to begin an accelerated process to scale up our preparation for the transition to a full online learning program. 

March 13th and 16th were dedicated training, planning and preparation days for staff and the start of working remotely. 

March 17th and 18th we successfully completed a soft launch of our online learning program with students. 


Team Support:

Technology TeamOur Associate Director of Capacity Building led our technology team to assess our inventory of netbooks, chargers and mobile internet access devices to ensure our student equipment were functioning optimally. The team began to research tools for live online remote instruction compatible with our learning management system, Schoology. 

Advising TeamOur Lead Youth Development Specialist led a coordinated effort among all of our advisors to check in with their advisees and their parents about the status of their school issued personal technology. 

Operations TeamOur Senior Operations Manager and Operations Team sent communication to parents notifying them of the possibility of a school closure, conducted a survey of home internet access and requested up-to-date personal contact information.

Counseling Team– Obtained consent from the parent/guardian and began documented tele-therapy through our closed internal platform. 

Speech Team- SBC remains in contact with the agency, our speech provider and our special education lead teacher.  They will continue to work together to create a schedule that allows students to be seen both individually and in groups. 


Protocols for Advising:

CORE- Every advisor will meet with their CORE as a group for the first 20 minutes of the day in a live session online, individual check-ins will follow.

Check-ins will set the student up for the day and assess any potential conflicts. Each advisor records a brief summary in their advising tracker on a shared Google Sheet and tags any staff member that is required further.

Check-outs are a brief text or 2 minute phone call to make sure students have completed assigned work and are on track. These also serve as a time to collect feedback for future classes.

Parent Updates- Every other day, advisors contact parents/guardians with updates on how their student is doing and provide school updates.

Our Rationale- Staff are taking advising especially seriously during this time, with the leadership team holding advisors highly accountable.  Students will receive consistent support in order to help guide them during this time of massive change and social distancing. Additionally, advisors are our direct connection to each student so we know if any students are struggling or if we need to change our system to better support our students.

Accountability- Our Team Lead for Advising reviews everyone’s logs daily at 11 AM and sends a message to anyone who needs support in their advising. 



With regard to additional academic support when we return to school, we will employ a few different strategies.

  • Small group academic support after school from 4PM-5:30PM 3 days a week
  • Saturday enrichment program from 9AM-1PM
  • Mastery Intensive summer program which is currently designed as a 3 week program from 9AM to 1PM, but could be adjusted to accommodate more students over a longer period of time if there is a greater need as a result of the length of our SBC^2 remote learning program.