Project KickOff | South Bronx Community Charter High School

For each Grade Level Interdisciplinary Project at South Bronx Community Charter High School, we have a kick off challenge. The kickoff challenge is geared toward boosting excitement and providing any preliminary content knowledge that scholars will need to know to complete the challenges moving forward; it’s the introduction to the project! This year, scholars participated in virtual scavenger hunt from home, where they answered some hard questions and gave some compelling testimonies. See below to experience Mental Health at Home!

Scavenger Hunt Question #1: Self – Care Video: Tape yourself doing a self-care strategy for 30 seconds. This can include meditation with music, breathing, drawing/coloring, silent reading, yoga, dance party,  sleeping or working out.

Scavenger Hunt Question #2: Helping A Friend: Upload a video showing what you would do in this scenario: A friend receives a 60 on my Regents, they start to panic, breath unevenly, and think about how they will never graduate. What should you do?

Scavenger Hunt Question #3: Record yourself answering these questions: In what ways have you stigmatized mental health personally?How do you deal with your own mental health? What self-care routines do you use?In what ways have you praised mental health personally?