Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, May 25, 2016 | South Bronx Community Charter High School

South Bronx Community Charter High School

May 25, 2016

Board Meeting Minutes


Board Members In Attendance

Alvarez Symonette, Chair

Katelyn Del Priore, Treasurer

Michael Busch, Secretary


Brandon Corley

Jane Higgins

Paul Ortiz


SBC Staff in Attendance

Harvey Chism

John Clemente

Natalie Ferrell


Guest(s) in Attendance

Michelle Lopez (dialing in)


Meeting was called to order at 6:10PM.


Updates, Discussion and Actions:

Success of preceding open house event was acknowledged.

Board reviewed norms from previous meeting.

FY17 Budget review and financial policies and procedure discussion led by CSBM.

Enrollment confirmed at 90 students.

Pre-opening checklist reviewed.

Staff hiring update provided.

Subcommittee planning ensued for: Finance, Audit and Management committee, Academic Accountability committee, and Community Engagement committee.


Meeting closed at 8:05P