School closure & staff training | South Bronx Community Charter High School

March 15, 2020

Dear SBC Families,

As communicated on Friday, school will be closed on Monday, March 16th for additional staff training. Our goal is to prepare our team effectively for a transition to running school online for a temporary period of time during this current city-wide health situation.

From Tuesday, March 17th through Wednesday, April 8th (or until otherwise indicated or directed), SBC will conduct school completely online, so that students can learn from home. On Tuesday, March 17th, we will launch The South Bronx Community Cloud (SBC2). You and your student will receive an introductory communication from your advisor on Monday with instructions for online learning beginning on Tuesday.

We make this decision to protect the health and safety of our students and families, particularly acknowledging the vulnerabilities in our community as we have students and family members with underlying health conditions that could exacerbate the effects of COVID-19. Our attendance was slightly below 60% on Friday, March 13th (30% below our average), which is an important indicator to us of the need to make significant shifts to support our students during this time.

Our intention is that these 17 days of online learning will fully count towards our required 180 instructional days. We are awaiting guidance from the NYS Dept. of Education regarding the requirements. All of our learning materials are already online through Schoology (our learning management system) and we will be providing live online learning sessions in each subject to meet the required instructional hours for credits. We are preparing to provide documentation for the following considerations (among other items):

  • student attendance
  • direct instructional hours
  • provision of supports and accommodations for special populations
  • provision of meals and social services for students
  • SBC is set up well to be able to continue student learning in this unprecedented global health circumstance.
  • All of our learning materials are already shared through Schoology and every student has been issued a Chromebook computer with a charger for use at school and at home.
  • Replacement devices are available for a deposit of $85 and replacement chargers are available at the reduced cost of $20.
  • Reach out to the operations team immediately if your child is in need of either of these resources on Monday (718-292-4115,

Finally, if you have not already, please take this brief survey (2 minutes!) ASAP to confirm that your student has access to the internet at home (you may provide your personal information so that SBC can reach out to provide support or guidance).

The NYC Department of Education will continue to provide student meals for pickup at breakfast and lunch each day. We have requested this Grab and Go meal service and breakfast will be available at 8:30AM and lunch will be available at 12:00PM each weekday, beginning tomorrow. If the times or locations change, we will provide an update.

We also anticipate that health services through the Montefiore clinic on our campus will remain available for students to make appointments as needed. If you have not yet registered for access to the clinic services, please reach out to our operations team to complete the required form (718-292-4115, We will also provide updates if this changes.

Updating Contact Information

We are continuing to update our database to ensure important communications with parents and families are received. Here is the updated information we need:

  • Parent Name
  • Parent Phone Number
  • Parent Email Address
  • Student Cell Phone Number

Please reach out to John Clemente, via email with any questions.


Brandon Corley, Natalie Ferrell and John Clemente
Co-Founders and Co-Directors
South Bronx Community

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